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You might hire a correctional officer to:

  • Monitor inmate behavior and routinely inspect the correctional facility to ensure safety
  • Escort inmates to medical facilities, job sites, classrooms, and approved off-site locations

  • Mediate disputes and offer assistance to inmates with legitimate questions and requests
  • Write reports of daily inmate activities and communicate any incidents
Required skills and qualifications
Preferred skills and qualifications
Exceptional verbal communication skills
Strong writing skills for drafting clear reports
Ability to apply logic and critical thinking in tense situations
Familiarity with the laws and regulations that govern the rights and responsibilities of officers and inmates
Empathetic listening skills
Foundational understanding of human psychology and behavioral disorders
Capability to work 8- to 12-hour shifts
Superb leadership skills shaped from experience
Excellent physical fitness, strength, and agility
Working knowledge of operational security and public safety measures