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Sample correctional officer job description

[Company X] is driven by excellence and a commitment to the public good. We are seeking a correctional officer who can provide quality inmate care in a secure environment while positively impacting their community. As an integral part of the criminal justice system, correctional officers maintain security, safety, and control in a prison environment. The ideal candidate will be disciplined, strong, and personable. Come join a hardworking team with opportunities for internal mobility, professional development, and participation in charitable activities as part of our greater mission.

Objectives of this role

  • Provide care, custody, and control of pre-trial detainees and sentenced inmates
  • Manage inmate transfers to housing, cafeteria, work, and recreational facilities
  • Perform routine duties in accordance with established laws, policies, and procedures
  • Maintain a safe, humane, and drug-free environment conducive to inmate rehabilitation
  • Oversee the safety and security of staff members, visitors, supervisees, and the public
  • Document violations of prison rules and regulations and implement disciplinary measures


  • Maintain control while escorting individuals or groups of individuals within the prison
  • Record facility staff entrance and exit times, screen visitors, and provide security
  • Conduct routine searches for hazards, contraband, weapons, and unusual activity
  • Physically restrain inmates when necessary to prevent injury and disorder
  • Ensure the facility meets requirements for safety and hygiene, as required by law
  • Participate in confiscation, emergency response, riot control, and escapee pursuits

Skills and qualifications

  • Citizenship, right to work, or residency requirements (varies by location)
  • Minimum/maximum age requirement (varies by location)
  • Physical strength and stamina with the ability to pass a fitness test
  • “Clean” criminal record — meaning no drug convictions or unpardoned felonies
  • Completion of a mandatory training program, which may include a civil service exam
  • Professional demeanor with outstanding negotiation and decision-making skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Valid driver’s license in applicable jurisdiction
  • Military service record
  • CPR and first-aid training and certification
  • Past personal defense or firearms training
  • Work experience indicating the willingness and ability to learn new skills
  • Knowledge of criminal justice, psychology, sociology, counseling, or behavioral science