Sample substitute teacher job description

The teachers in [District X] have a profound impact on the lives of their students. When a teacher has a planned or unplanned absence, we rely on a skilled substitute to fill in. We’re currently looking for engaging, reliable substitute teachers for classes at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to high school. In this role, the substitute will cover for an absent full-time teacher, adhering to the day’s lesson plan and ensuring that students have a fulfilling learning experience. The ideal candidate will have substitute-teaching experience and an ability to lead classrooms effectively. The most qualified and successful substitutes can count on consistent work throughout the district.

Objectives of this role

  • Maintain maximum availability to accept assignments 
  • Execute lesson plan consistent with teacher guidelines and school curriculum
  • Establish an orderly classroom environment and provide a positive learning experience
  • Become familiar with school emergency protocols, such as fire drill and lockdown
  • Adhere to all school policies and procedures


  • Follow teacher’s instructions for lesson plan, or create lesson plan if none is available
  • Record attendance according to school procedure
  • Assign homework according to lesson plan
  • Supplement lesson plan with other classroom activities, if time allows
  • Maintain discipline in the classroom and foster a safe, productive learning environment in accordance with school policies
  • Compile report for teacher that includes student attendance, lesson-plan progress, disciplinary actions, and positive developments

Required skills and qualifications

  • Advanced competency in at least two subjects; general competency in all others
  • Flexibility and patience in scheduling
  • Confidence and proficiency in giving instruction
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to pass background check

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in education
  • Certificate or credential for teaching in district
  • Ability to communicate in more than one language