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Sample legal counsel job description 

[Company X] seeks a qualified legal counsel to help us comply with all regulations and requirements. Legal counsel will draft and manage legal documents, oversee all legal aspects of our business, and offer guidance and advice to management. Applicants must know how to manage legal documents, review litigation strategy, and handle statutory filing. The job requires extensive knowledge of legal language and practices, and excellent communication skills. Our ideal candidate is highly organized, experienced with crisis management, and capable of handling litigation, patents, and infringement.

Objectives of this role

  • Offer legal guidance and advice to business professionals

  • Clarify legal language 

  • Ensure our company meets legal compliance standards

  • Draft and review legal contacts

  • Oversee all general legal operations 

  • Review business and tax strategies to identify potential risk (or opportunity)


  • Draft legal documents 

  • Negotiate settlement terms

  • Calculate potential business risks

  • Write patents and trademarks

  • Guide management through litigation processes when required

  • Review draft contracts 

Skills and qualifications

  • Well-versed in legal terminology and operations

  • Strong understanding of corporate law and legal defense strategies 

  • Knowledge of current legislation practices 

  • Crisis management experience 

  • Critical thinking and multitasking abilities

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience drafting legal documents 

  • Ability to work with others and independently 

  • Secure judgment and analysis abilities 

  • Problem-solving mindset 

  • Knowledge of internal and external business practices and operations 

  • Strong analytical skills