Sample logistics coordinator job description 

[Company X] handles shipments across a vast region and requires a skilled logistics coordinator to ensure our supply chains run smoothly. We’re looking for a candidate with an eye for detail, a keen analytical mind, and the ability to handle a system with numerous moving parts. This often high-pressure position will require candidates to perform at the apex of their abilities. Our goals are to make our processes as efficient as possible, maintain good relationships with suppliers, distributors, and vendors, and keep our customers happy.

Objectives of this role

  • Monitor supply chains and shipments

  • Engage in regular communication with clients

  • Ensure timely schedules for client orders 

  • Maintain accurate and consistent records

  • Address errors to promote client satisfaction

  • Manage inventory databases


  • Coordinate timely and accurate shipments

  • Ensure accuracy of orders and shipping documents

  • Identify and fix shipping errors 

  • Prepare bills and invoices

  • Oversee production timelines

  • Receive orders and add to inventory

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong communications skills

  • Excellent organizational capacity

  • Research and analysis skills

  • Collaborative attitude

  • Solution-oriented mindset

  • Lateral-thinking ability

Preferred qualifications

  • Familiarity with best practices in supply chain management

  • Ability to use data in making logistics more efficient

  • Comfort using common logistics management software, such as CarLo and Linbis

  • Strong customer service capabilities

  • Understanding of both warehouse and transportation management

  • Capacity to multitask