Sample sound engineer job description

At [Company X], sound engineers are the bedrock behind every recording we produce and release. They ensure that our audio output meets the high-quality standards our organization is known for. To that end, the sound engineer will leverage existing knowledge of audio hardware, mixing, and mastering techniques to develop crisp sound effects, address any sound issues, and work with producers to align on overall creative direction. They will carry the torch of professionalism at [Company X], working with performers to ensure a culture of creativity and open communication.

Objectives of this role

  • Align [Company X] with current sound engineering trends

  • Become a point person for all sound-related inquiries

  • Mentor junior sound engineers to strengthen [Company X]’s future talent pipeline

  • Elevate the quality and consistency of [Company X]’s audio output

  • Introduce the organization to innovative audio technology and troubleshooting methods

  • Collaborate with video, lighting, and camera experts to masterfully sync audio with imagery


  • Develop sound requirements for recordings and performances

  • Set up and maintain audio equipment as necessary

  • Edit, mix, and master live and recorded audio

  • Overcome any roadblocks to performer and producer creativity

  • Leverage knowledge to meet and surpass expected audio standards

  • Test audio in a variety of hardware configurations and audio settings

Skills and qualifications

  • Impeccable ear for great sound

  • Extensive knowledge of modern audio equipment and software

  • Significant experience with audio recording, editing, and mixing

  • Excellent communication skills for giving and receiving instructions

  • Working knowledge of audio software such as Pro Tools

  • Capable of mixing live audio in real time

Preferred qualifications

  • History of building fruitful relationships with producers and performers

  • Deep familiarity with sound troubleshooting

  • Comprehensive portfolio of sound engineering projects

  • Keen understanding of music theory

  • Expertise in at least one sound engineering technique

  • Knowledge of proper audio-video synchronization techniques