Sample Teaching Assistant Job Description

Job Description

At [SchoolX], we pride ourselves on giving students a fulfilling learning experience in a welcoming environment. Our teachers count on teaching assistants to bring the best to the classroom every day. We’re searching for a qualified teaching assistant to join us in delivering the high-quality education we’re known for. The ideal candidate will have experience with child (or student) development, supervision, and education. He/She will be expected to help prepare lesson plans on a regular basis, ensuring students’ needs and concerns are met and supported during execution. Strong interpersonal communication skills and a positive, patient attitude are essential to the role.

Objectives of this Role

  • Support the teacher in execution of lesson plans, providing individual attention to student(s) during individual and group sessions
  • Cultivate a positive, organized learning atmosphere by maintaining a fun and interactive classroom that is clean, organized, developmentally appropriate and engaging
  • Follow and uphold school rules and standards, ensuring all activities, services, and programs are conducted in a manner that is sensitive to, and shows respect for, cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Safely supervise students in and out of the classroom, following all guidelines and implementing all school standards with the guidance of the classroom teacher

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Assist the teacher in organizing the learning environment, preparing and maintaining materials and resources, and grading tests and homework
  • Verify and track attendance of students, observe student performance, contribute to reports, and maintain records as required
  • Lead small-group instruction and discussion, providing support, as appropriate, for students with communication and interaction difficulties, cognition and learning difficulties, and other behavioral, emotional, and social developmental issues
  • Perform clerical duties such as typing, filing, setting up equipment, and photocopying
  • Participate in meetings and events, and use all communication channels effectively to support the smooth running of the education team

Skills and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Proven experience working with students
  • Effective communication skills; oral, written, and visual
  • Understanding of basic principles of childhood development
  • Comfortable interacting with children, guardians, and staff

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree
  • Experience developing lesson plans
  • Experience with special needs students
  • Ability to be flexible and adjust to changes in a dynamic environment