You might hire a business development manager to:

  • Research, contact, and follow up with potential clients
  • Oversee campaigns for marketing and sales outreach

  • Create an action plan to meet your organization’s growth goals

  • Work with current clients to strengthen relationships and increase revenue



A man sits in an office chair, holding one hand up to his face as he considers the content to his left. There is a clock on the wall.
Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills
Educational background in business, marketing, or finance
Experience in business, sales, or marketing
Practiced negotiation and networking techniques
Experience creating business development plans and tracking key performance indicators
Extensive knowledge of customer relationship management best practices and technologies like Salesforce
Strong project management and organizational skills
Leadership experience and strong interpersonal skills
Enthusiasm for the company and its growth potential
Team-building expertise