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Sample criminal investigator job description

[Organization X]’s goal is to protect and serve the public. We are searching for a criminal investigator to carry out comprehensive investigations into criminal activity. The investigator will develop a strategy to guide the entire investigation, conduct fact-finding interviews, collect and analyze evidence, maintain chain of custody, and provide testimony at the trial stage. The ideal candidate will have investigative experience, strong interviewing and interrogation skills, and familiarity with local and national laws. In all these areas, a focused and analytical candidate will stand out.

Objectives of this role

  • Analyze allegations of criminal misconduct and develop investigative strategies to determine guilt or innocence
  • Conduct investigations to identify actors responsible for criminal wrongdoing
  • Gather and maintain evidence in advance of and during trial
  • Offer reliable evaluations of available evidence based on best practices
  • Maintain accountability for acts undertaken during course of investigation and chain of custody for all evidence
  • Serve as a source of insight into the investigative process for attorneys and jurors


  • Plan, organize, and conduct investigations into criminal activity
  • Collect and analyze relevant evidence from various sources
  • Conduct fact-finding interviews with relevant witnesses, plaintiffs, and defendants
  • Use computer systems as part of investigations to perform online research and upkeep digital records
  • Prepare reports on findings of investigations for review by higher-level staff and attorneys
  • Provide testimony in court proceedings to supplement evidence

Skills and qualifications

  • Comfort working in a fast-moving, high-pressure environment
  • Capacity to self-manage on multiple tasks
  • Strong collaboration ability and comfort working with a team
  • Ability to pull information from social media feeds for evidence gathering
  • Driver’s license for transport to and from crime scenes and relevant locations
  • Proficiency with data entry for recordkeeping purposes

Preferred qualifications

  • Advanced investigative skills and honed instincts
  • Experience in an investigative role
  • Expert analytical and organizational skills for collecting and interpreting evidence
  • Strong interviewing and interrogation techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Extensive familiarity with local and national laws