Illustration of a doctor in an exam room working on a computer

Sample healthcare administrator job description

At [Company X], healthcare administrators lead our daily operations. Our patients trust us with critical care, and we are searching for a qualified healthcare administrator to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of that care. They will oversee our processes, monitor our practice in accordance with health laws and regulations, design our budget, and develop new workflows that maximize organizational productivity. [Company X] is committed to providing our patients with quality care, and healthcare administrators are essential organizers of that care.

Objectives of this role

  • Innovate the administrative workflow of a healthcare facility

  • Allocate financial resources of a healthcare organization

  • Guide the facility’s best practices in accordance with local and national laws

  • Ensure that the organization’s medical records are protected and organized

  • Maximize the productivity of a healthcare organization

  • Lead a dedicated team of healthcare professionals


  • Oversee schedules for healthcare staff

  • Design and manage the budget of a healthcare facility

  • Hire and train administrative healthcare staff

  • Facilitate communication with physicians, nurses, and other staff

  • Stay up to date on changes in healthcare laws and regulations

  • Manage payroll for healthcare staff

Skills and qualifications

  • Demonstrated leadership skills

  • Management experience

  • Working knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations

  • Understanding of healthcare facility best practices and workflows

  • Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills

  • Proven organizational expertise

Preferred qualifications

  • Years of healthcare administrative experience

  • Education in healthcare management or a related field 

  • Accounting experience 

  • Deep knowledge of budgeting software

  • Experience with hiring and training staff

  • Fluency in other languages