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Build your employer brand and attract top talent with a LinkedIn Career Page.

  1. Features

    Strengthen your employer brand

    Get potential candidates on board with your mission, values, and vision with dynamic content based on their profiles.

    Engage candidates with personalized content

    Harness the power of LinkedIn data and deliver personalized web experiences to your target audience.

    Build awareness and brand at scale

    Expose your talent brand to Linkedin members whenever they research your company or view your jobs.

    • Showcase your Talent Brand whenever members view your jobs or research your company
    • Personalize messaging and job recommendations based on member location, industry, function, and more
    • Include rich media like videos on your Career Page and all your LinkedIn Job Posts
    • Feature employee testimonial
  2. Success stories

    • By building their employer brand on LinkedIn, AppSense are able to stand out in a competitive sector.

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    • "A lot of people are reluctant to use social media for recruitment. But they can't deny the results — better quality people with little cost."

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  3. Recruiting resources

    • Employer Brand

      Career Page datasheet


    • 5 Steps to Boosting Your Talent Brand Through Content

      5 Steps to Boosting Your Talent Brand Through Content


    • social recruiting guide

      The Modern Recruiter’s Guide


    • Recruiting Trends

      Talent Trends 2014


  4. Get everything you need to build a world-class team

    Extend your employer branding efforts and actively source top passive talent with these related products.

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