Katharyn White, Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, T-Systems International

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Katharyn White
Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, T-Systems International

Career Highlights

  • Joined T-Systems International as Senior Vice President and CMO in November 2018, and is working to transform Go-to-Market, Brand and Marketing
  • Named as one of the Ten Most Impactful Women in Technology by Analytics Insight
  • Leading the redefinition of marketing and repositioning the CMO role as a driver of growth
  • In addition to Marketing, Katharyn has worked in Sales, Consulting and Manufacturing. She is a recognised marketing expert and Marketing Society Fellow who never stops learning
  • Her global career has included  positions at HP, DuPont, IBM, and several non-profit organisations. She’s also on the advisory board of several start-ups
  • Has lived in five countries and seven states, to return to a house two doors from where she grew up
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