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Five principles for building tech marketing strategies

  1. Flip the marketing funnel – earn loyalty first, then leads

  2. Invest in broader brand campaigns

  3. Recalibrate MQL targets

  4. Cultivate the three R’s : Reputation, Reviews & Recognition

  5. Find value-adding ways to introduce sales into the journey

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Research (European data)

  1. The four disconnects in sales and marketing alignment

  2. Data and a virtual world brings sales and marketing closer

  3. Aligning around the shortest time to customer value

  4. Towards a shared view of ROI

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The rise of the self-personalised buyer journeys

  1. Stop seeing personalisation as an upfront contact exchange

  2. Treat personalisation as an ongoing conversation

  3. Ask your audience what they’re interested in, what type of problem they’re trying to solve and what type of experience they want

  4. Answer an anonymous buyer’s next question, without them needing to ask

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Three co-workers discuss the anonymous buyer

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What Tech Marketers can learn from the rise of Freemium Models

  1. The crucial difference between Freemium and free trials

  2. Put the buyer at the heart of the experience

  3. Scale your user base and advocates

  4. Integrating Freemium thinking, even when Freemium is not an option

  5. Remove friction from the tech buyer journey

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A framework for building the future B2B Tech Marketing Team

  1. Rebalance brand and demand

  2. Turn brand marketers into hybrid marketer

  3. Create audience-centric roles, not channel-centric roles

  4. Encourage cross-sector curiosity

  5. Build a learning culture for marketers
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The Facts: The ROI challenge in B2B Tech Marketing

  1. 46% of digital marketers revealed that they have budget allocation discussions every month

  2. 77% of marketers attempt to prove the Return on Investment of their marketing campaigns within a month of them running

  3. And yet, the average B2B tech sales cycle is six months long

Find out how to change the ROI conversation for B2B Tech Marketing

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New Global Research: The Age of Agility

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