Career Pages

Showcase your employer brand and culture

Grow your employment brand

Create an employer social media presence where you can tell a rich story about who you are with images, video, employee testimonials, and more. Keep candidates in the loop by encouraging them to “follow your company” on LinkedIn.

Customize your employer brand messaging

Tailor the experience to each viewer with dynamic messaging, based on their LinkedIn profiles. You will be highly relevant to your priority audiences.

Showcase your most relevant job listings

Automatically show your most relevant jobs to each visitor of your Career Page – a smarter way to advertise your job listings.

Why should you focus on employer branding?

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is the ultimate place to focus your employer branding efforts. Career Pages help companies of all sizes build a strong employment brand at scale to more easily attract top talent. Unlike static company websites, LinkedIn Career pages are viewer-aware and change dynamically based on the background of the viewer. This ensures the viewer gets a personalized and relevant experience.

"The page is a great way for candidates to get a feel for what it is like to work for us!"
Brent Lazanik's Picture Brent Lazanik Senior Recruitment Advisor, North American Construction Group