Sample instructional designer job description 

[Company X] is currently seeking a passionate, experienced instructional designer who can create, deliver, and oversee educational materials for employee growth or career development. The candidate must have a foundational understanding of instructional design models that produce impactful, measurable results, such as increased employee engagement and improved retention. They must also be able to foster a collaborative, productive learning environment that captures the audience’s attention and helps them meet their development end goals.

Objectives of this role

  • Create immersive educational experiences for the audience

  • Assess student progress and align the content with their needs

  • Use core instructional design principles and theories to maximize learning 

  • Provide interactive activities and educational resources 

  • Maintain projects and organize course documents 

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts for lesson planning


  • Revisit and assess learning objectives

  • Research and implement new technologies into instruction

  • Distribute key learning materials to the audience 

  • Evaluate existing instructional content and keep up to date

  • Develop a cohesive, relevant curriculum by partnering with organization leaders

  • Manage student roster and track ongoing progress

Skills and qualifications

  • In-depth understanding of instructional design models and learning theories 

  • Ability to navigate learning management systems

  • Proficiency in course development software

  • Clear and effective curriculum-planning skills 

  • Basic understanding of HTML and Flash

  • Strong project management skills 

Preferred qualifications

  • A degree in instructional design, education, or a related field

  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver

  • Experience teaching in a classroom setting 

  • Ability to use instructional materials and resources effectively 

  • Critical-thinking skills

  • Concrete verbal and written communication skills