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Sample leasing consultant job description

At [Company X], we trust leasing consultants to guide our landlords and tenants through the process of lease signing. We are searching for a qualified leasing consultant to manage leases, mediate agreements, and ensure an efficient and reliable leasing process. The leasing consultant will tour properties and follow up with prospects to make sure that our properties are rented on time. The ideal candidate will be as personable as they are organized, committed to growing our business and instilling a sense of confidence in our tenants.

Objectives of this role

  • Guide prospective tenant through the leasing process

  • Facilitate communication between tenants and landlords

  • Ensure that agreements are executed accurately and on time

  • Manage and lead property tours

  • Find leads for our properties

  • Grow our network of prospective tenants


  • Show properties to prospective tenants

  • Follow up with leads about rental properties

  • Communicate applicants’ questions and concerns to landlords

  • Manage the signing of lease agreements

  • Collect and review lease application documents

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work well independently 

  • Keen attention to detail 

  • Professional and friendly approach to outreach

  • Readiness to find and follow up with leads

  • Familiarity with lease agreements

Preferred qualifications

  • Sales experience 

  • Passion for growing our business

  • Knowledge of housing regulations 

  • Understanding of housing market trends and practices

  • Demonstrated research of the areas where our properties are located

  • Fluency in any language other than English