Illustration of three people working at a desktop computer, collaborating.

You might hire a marketing professional to:

  • Strategize initiatives geared toward driving traffic, generating sales-qualified leads, or elevating your brand presence
  • Manage promotional campaigns — online, offline, or both

  • Create an ongoing series of marketing initiatives, such as paid social or organic lead generation campaigns

  • Oversee the execution of in-store marketing events, offsite promotions, or trade shows
  • Conduct research to aid in pricing, product line development, and campaign creation


Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Some work experience, particularly in retail or hospitality College courses in sales, marketing, business, ethics, communications, and/or management
A professional demeanor, as marketers are often in front of people, serving as the face of the brand Experience with technology, particularly for internet marketing
Confidence and strong public speaking skills Above-average focus and ability to multitask
Empathy, with an innate ability to listen and connect to other people Independence and leadership traits, but the ability to work as part of a team as well
Resilience, with the ability to shrug off rejection The ability to learn quickly and problem-solve on the fly