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You might hire a recruiter to:

  • Work closely with managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s hiring needs for each position, and meet competitive hiring goals and expectations
  • Manage the full recruiting lifecycle across a variety of open roles helping management find, hire, and retain quality talent

  • Grow and foster high-touch relationships with a database of qualified active and passive talent to pull from as new positions open up

  • Continuously partner with recruiting team and senior managers to design, refine, and implement innovative recruiting strategies

  • Stay active with current with job boards, social networks, and platforms to find talent, and plan, create, and release job descriptions and announcements

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Required Skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
5+ years’ experience in recruitment or human resources
Bachelor’s degree in human resource management (or related field)
Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills
Proficiency with content management systems
Advanced knowledge of MS Office, database management, and internet search
Experience developing recruiting strategy
Familiarity with job boards, and HR software, databases, and management systems
Desire to grow professionally with networking and ongoing training opportunities
Proven experience conducting various types of interviews (i.e., phone, video, etc.) and ability to travel as needed
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A woman seated at a desk faces her computer as she participates in a virtual job interview with a gray-haired man in a suit.
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