Build a presence for your business on LinkedIn

Create your page, attract followers, and post company updates to drive engagement.



Create a Company Page

To get started, just enter your name and company email address. Then, verify that you are eligible to create a page on your company's behalf.

Complete a company profile

Create a company description and overview. Try to be concise, but include what your company does, its specialties, and what makes your business unique.

Add a banner and a logo

Include your company's logo and a banner image to bring your page to life. Your logo appears when members search for your company as well as on your employees' profiles.


Engage your colleagues

Your employees are the best place to start adding followers – after all, they’re your biggest advocates. Encourage employees to add your company to their personal profiles. By doing so, they automatically become followers and can like, comment on, and share your company updates to help expand your viral reach.

Add easy links

Promote your Company Page by linking it to your other marketing channels – such as your emails, newsletters, and blogs. Add a “Follow” button to your website to make it simple and visible for visitors to click and follow your Company Page. Get the button here.

Invest in followers

Use highly targeted Follow Ads to quickly attract the precise audience that you are trying to reach. Follow Ads appear throughout LinkedIn and can be targeted to members in specific industries, companies, and regions. When members follow your company, that action spreads through their network as an update, which motivates others to follow as well.


Share rich content daily

Posting daily company updates is the most effective way to start a conversation, drive word of mouth, and directly engage with your target audience. Share company news, industry articles, thought leadership pieces, or ask followers to weigh in on hot topics. Posts will appear on your Company Page and in the news feed on the homepage of each of your followers across all devices and platforms. Include rich content such as images, infographics, videos, and SlideShare presentations to keep things fresh and exciting for your community.

Gain deeper insights with Company Page analytics

Leverage Company Page analytics to track engagement on posts, follower growth, and key metrics and trends. Use that valuable data to optimize, refine, and customize your content.

Use Sponsored Content

Get your message out to the right people with Sponsored Content. Use Sponsored Content to raise greater brand awareness, generate quality leads, and promote deeper relationships with your audience by extending the reach of your company’s updates.