Illustration of a Man sittiing at a table with a Notebook holding a pen

You might hire a receptionist to:

  • Welcome visitors, answer and direct phone calls, respond to requests, and provide administrative support to team members and leaders

  • Manage appointment scheduling, workflows, communications, and day-to-day office operations

  • Type up memos, meeting minutes, letters, reports, and other content as needed 

  • Maintain office supplies and equipment, ensuring the office runs smoothly

  • Coordinate external resources and vendors, and establish and maintain positive working relationships 

  • Maintain a record-keeping system or directory for company contacts, files, and employee records
A man sits in an office chair, holding one hand up to his face as he considers the content to his left. There is a clock on the wall.
Required Skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Excellent organization and time management skills
Previous success in a receptionist role
Ability to multitask and adjust priorities as needed
High school diploma or GED equivalent 
Strong verbal and written communication skills 
Experience developing and refining day-to-day processes and procedures 
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