Thursday, October 8

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    The Challenger Customer

    • Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Advisor, Sales & Marketing, CEB

    Four years ago, “The Challenger Sale” overturned decades of conventional wisdom with a bold new approach to sales. Now our latest research in the follow-on book, “The Challenger Customer,” reveals something even more surprising: Being a Challenger seller isn’t enough. Your success or failure also depends on who you challenge. To win today, you need a Challenger inside the customer organization—a Mobilizer. Join us as we reveal what high-performing B2B sales and marketing teams grasp that their average-performing peers don’t: Now that big, complex deals increasingly require consensus among a wide range of players across the organization, the limiting factor is rarely the salesperson’s inability to connect to any one individual stakeholder. It’s far more often their inability to connect them to each other.  

  • 9:15am - 10:00am


    Hear from your peers in Sales and Marketing leadership roles as they share real world social selling best practices learned at their own companies.

  • 9:15am - 10:00am

    Financial Reform: The Social Selling Act of 2015

    • Robert Knop, Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Pacific Life
    • Rich Essig, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, Nolan Financial
    • Chris Andrews, Strategic Planning Manager, Wells Fargo
    • Greg Davis, Director of Sales, Sales Solutions, LinkedIn

    Over the years, the Financial Service sector has seen its’ fair share of ups and downs due to the regulated nature of this industry. The challenge for institutions to discover new and efficient ways to thrive in a global business environment has been vital. The market and landscape has changed as technologies have evolved and allowed consumers to become savvier while competition has vastly increased. Financial institutions are turning to social media and social selling in particular to overcome these challenges and rise above their competition. Social networks have become increasingly vital for agents, advisors and revenue producers to leverage in order to remain relevant, engaged and competitive to emerge as marketing leaders in this industry.

  • 9:15am - 10:00am

    The Buying Moment - How to Listen, Engage and Capitalize on Social Signals from Your Buyers

    With over 380 Million users, chances are that your buyer is on LinkedIn, if not, one of the 2 billion active users of social media. In this session you’ll learn how to leverage social media to capitalize on your buyer’s social behaviors in order to generate and win more social selling opportunities.

  • 9:15am - 10:00am

    Sales, Marketing and Operations - Cross-functional Roles in Social Selling Programs

    In order to successfully establish a social selling program, key stakeholders across the business often need to work together to drive adoption and engagement. By aligning on key goals and establishing responsibilities early on in the program, cross-functional teams can more effectively implement and measure social selling across their organizations. Discover how three leaders in Sales, Marketing, and Operations successfully championed social selling programs for their sales teams in this session.  

  • 9:15am - 10:00am

    The Power of Employee Activation: Build Relationships and Drive Results

    Social star salespeople -- those who share often and have high engagement with their shares on social media -- are 45% more likely to exceed quota. When employees share content they build credibility with the prospects and customers in their networks, and this drives real results. Learn how Fortinet has empowered their sales teams to become social professionals by making it easy for them to share quality content.

  • 10:15am - 11:00am


    Hear from your peers in Sales and Marketing leadership roles as they share real world social selling best practices learned at their own companies.

  • 10:15am - 11:00am

    Formula for Successful Social Selling: Maximizing your Outreach

    • Lindsey Boggs, Director of Inside Sales & Operations, SmarterHQ

    They say cold calling is the hardest part of the sale, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore with LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. In every 10 InMails sent, my team is getting 5+ responses using five strategies that have been proven to work. Join this session and learn how to implement these strategies with your inside sales team!

  • 10:15am - 11:00am

    Women in Leadership: Powerful Perspectives

    Join accomplished leaders in sales and marketing for this discussion on developing a successful personal brand, enabling executive-level diversity, and managing teams for inclusion. Based on powerful personal experiences and professional accomplishment, these executives will share what it takes to build successful organizations and careers.

  • 10:15am - 11:00am

    The Blurred Line Between Marketing and Selling in Today's B2B Social World - Leading Practices Top-Down and Bottom-Up

    • Samuel Tepper, Director, US Sales Strategy and Development, PwC
    • Jeff Hersh, Principal (Partner), Sales Transformation, PwC

    Brand awareness is a key component to the buying cycle and 70-80% of the buying process is complete before a buyer ever interacts with a potential vendor or seller. In other words, they've already narrowed the consideration set of who will likely be in the mix before contact is ever made. So how do they get into that consideration set? Historically, marketing and sales in the enterprise world haven't gotten along very well. Sales continually complains about the quality of leads it gets from marketing and marketing complains that sellers aren't giving them the feedback required about what's happening in the street so they can better provide meaningful collateral. The tremendous value of LinkedIn is that sellers can now extend the reach of their own marketing - effectively creating their own micro-marketing organizations to help them run "their business" - regardless of what that business is. Instead of having to wait for the marketing department to get them leads and generate demand, sellers have the opportunity to create grassroots efforts in to not only create their own brand awareness and equity, but combine that with "intimacy" with specific accounts and buyers. In other words, they can more easily insert themselves into the 0-80% of the buying cycle and get more "at bats" and real chances to win, rather than being down-selected even before they knew an opportunity was out there. The sales and marketing alignment paradigm can now be extended, redefined, and scaled.

  • 10:15am - 11:00am

    Managing Sales Rep Behavior Through SSI

    Ubaldo and Sandy will demonstrate how ANSYS uses the Social Selling Index to on-board new sales professionals, keep them motivated and report success metrics up the chain. They also use SSI metrics to recognize team members who excel and identify sales regions or team members where additional coaching may be needed.

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    Morning Break

  • 11:30am - 12:15pm

    Blueprints for Success: Transforming your Sales Organization

    The world's leading social selling teams share the blueprints that led to success within their organizations. These blueprints provide a template that other Sales teams can follow to generate awareness and sponsorship, educate and train on the frontline, and ultimately create long term accountability.

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