The world of work is changing—and you need to change with it.

From the people skills candidates need to succeed, to the new ways teams collaborate, to the spotlight on sexual harassment and the fading taboo of talking about pay, making work more human isn’t just a feel-good goal—it’s a business imperative. These new trends are reshaping the way companies hire and retain the talent of the future.

In this report, you’ll get original insights and actionable tips on these four trends transforming the world of talent:

  • Soft skills: Valuing human skills and how to measure them
  • Work flexibility: Redefining the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of work and how to overcome common challenges
  • Anti-harassment culture: Doing more to stop sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Pay transparency: Sharing salaries to improve efficiency and fairness

Learn how companies around the world are acting on each of these trends. This report combines a survey of over 5,000 talent professionals with behavioral insights from LinkedIn, advice from experts, and real-world case studies to help you adapt to the future of work.

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