Illustration of three people working at a desktop computer, collaborating.

You might hire a content creator to:

  • Prepare, execute, and oversee a company’s content strategy
  • Develop marketing assets to inform readers of products or services

  • Interact with audiences through email or social media, driving conversations and drawing leads
  • Facilitate analytical, data-driven research to identify competitors, relevant SEO keywords, and customer needs

  • Measure website performance and traffic to identify areas of improvement
Required skills and qualifications
Preferred skills and qualifications
Ability to gather insights that formulate desired messaging
Experience working as a copywriter or content marketer
Strategic skills in turning insights into effective content
Strong time management skills
The knowledge of how to create and drive user and audience journeys
Ability to perform SEO keyword research
Storytelling talent
Ability to measure results of content creation and make corresponding improvements
Established portfolio of effective work