Why employee experience will be your #1 priority

photograph of Mark Levy, a bald white male, staring straight into screen smiling wearing a light grey button down top
Mark Levy
Former head of employee experience at Airbnb and Allbirds

  • Relationships with managers, teams, and leadership
  • Interactions with customers and suppliers

  • Physical work space
  • Flexible work options
  • Work-life balance
  • The work itself and how stimulating it is
  • Having a match between tasks and skill level
  • Rules and norms for how work gets done and is rewarded
  • Degree of complexity in tools and technologies
illustrated image of a woman wearing a blue skirt pointing to graph that has an x axis of years from 2014-2019 showing the increase in EX roles has grown 2.4 times since 2014
global map of the world showing percentages of talent professionals who say employee experience will be “very important” in shaping the future of HR and recruiting, based on LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2020 survey.  Canada 96% United States 96% Mexico 94% Brazil 94% United Kingdom 95% France 83% Germany 92% Middle East 93% India 95% China 94% Southeast Asia 95% Australia 98%
Illustration of three people - two women and a man - working together at a desk. The man is sitting down in front of a large desktop computer, while one of the women is talking to him; the other women is working on her own laptop, sharing the same desk as man
Photograph of a woman sitting at a desk, looking at and working on a laptop

Discover 3 more trends that can change the way you hire and retain talent.

 photograph of a woman working on a laptop computer sitting at a desk with a city view behind her wearing a red blazer with her curly hair pulled up into a messy bun
photograph of two people talking together at lunch, with full water glasses; the woman is wearing a pink top and glasses, and the man is wearing a blue top
photograph of two people sitting outside in a park, near trees and green grass, talking; the man in the left is wearing a grey suit and dark green tie, with his legs cross; the woman talking with her arm raised is wearing a flowy white top
chatting over desk with laptops and coffee

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