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Illustration of nine marketer characteristics: Strategic Thinkers, Technology Trailblazers, Creative Vanguards, Innovative Content Strategists, Data Interpreters, Continual Learners, Collaborative Communicators, Visionary Leaders, and DEI Champions.
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Strategic Thinkers

B2B marketers will need to think strategically and understand how their marketing efforts align with broader business goals and objectives. This includes understanding market dynamics, competitive landscapes and industry trends.

Today’s strategic B2B marketing thinkers are...

Allocating budgets across many channels and activities

Reassessing team structure and skills

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Technology Trailblazers

Marketers will need to be comfortable using a wide range of marketing technology tools, including CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, analytics tools and emerging technologies such as GAI.

Technology trailblazers are leaning into the power of generative AI (GAI)

Tomorrow's trailblazers should be embracing technology to gain efficiences and continuing to develop clear policies on technology use

6 in 10 have guidelines for GAI use

Opportunity area: Ensuring technology usage guidelines are communicated broadly within organizations

Percentage of leaders that say their organizations...

Have GAI guidelines

Provide GAI training opportunities

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Creative Vanguards

In a crowded marketplace, creativity and innovation will be essential for B2B marketers to stand out and capture the attention of their already inundated audience. To connect with customers, B2B marketers will need to think outside the box creatively.

Today's creative vanguards are...

Opportunity area: Continue to invest in brand-building efforts and use technology to creatively build better customer experiences

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Innovative Content Strategists

Content marketing will remain a cornerstone of B2B marketing in the future. Marketers will need to develop compelling and valuable content across different formats and platforms to engage with their target audience and drive conversions.

Innovative content strategists are blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to deliver content that resonates with their audiences across top channels

Opportunity area: Leverage video and visualizations to boost customer engagement

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Data Interpreters

With the abundance of data available, marketers will be able to prove impact to the wider organization. They will need to be proficient in analyzing data to uncover insights about customer behavior, preferences and market trends.

Data interpreters are putting the right systems and technologies in place to boost their data analytics capabilities

Top digital skills added to LinkedIn profiles globally

Top overall skill added to LinkedIn profiles globally

Opportunity area: Leverage data to inform decision-making and measure performance, and boost data literacy skills

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Continual Learners

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies, channels and trends emerging all the time. B2B marketers will need to be adaptable and committed to continual learning to stay ahead of the curve and remain effective in their roles.

Today's continual learners are increasing skills and GAI training opportunities for their teams

Opportunity area: Hire for both left- and right-brained skills, seeking talent with a mix of technical, creative and interpersonal skills

Top skills needed in the next year or two

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Collaborative Communicators

Working cross-functionally with sales, product and other teams is imperative for the B2B marketer of the future. Strong communication and collaboration skills will be crucial for aligning marketing efforts with overall business objectives as well as fostering teamwork.

Today's collaborative communicators are creating synergies between departments and building their communication skills

Opportunity area: Continue connecting marketing and sales, improving communication skills to foster relationships and show marketing impact

Image representing visionary leadership

Visionary Leaders

The CMO serves as a visionary leader, strategist and advocate for customer-centricity and innovation within the B2B marketing organization of the future. They play a critical role in driving growth, fostering collaboration and ensuring that marketing efforts are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the organization.

Visionary leaders today are focused on building influence among their peer set

Roughly 9 in 10 CMOs say relationship building has become important to succeed

9 in 10
Image representing DEI champions

DEI Champions

​​In a time when the legitimacy of DEI is being questioned, B2B marketers are holding the line and serving as ambassadors when it comes to ensuring DEI is integrated in strategic decision-making companywide.

Today's DEI champions are setting the example for other functions outside of marketing

With increased investment going to...

Opportunity area: Continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, establish comprehensive DEI measures and practice what you preach when it comes to hiring