• To connect its marketing with the right buyer personas, Monte Carlo needed to tighten their ICP. Angeline Junaedy, Demand Generation Lead at Monte Carlo, explained their ideal personas, “We're targeting data leaders, particularly directors in a data engineering role such as head of data as well as data ops.”
  • Monte Carlo sought out a solution that could give them this surgically-precise lead data, as well as shorten their lead turnaround time. “As a company,” said Alysa Barth, Digital Marketing Manager, “we really want to make sure the deal lifecycle is under three months.”
  • By working with LinkedIn and marketing partner Metadata, Monte Carlo was able to optimize their lead data and market to those personas all on the same platform.
  • The marketing team at Monte Carlo gained additional insights through this enhancement. “What we've learned over the course of our initial deals,” shared Junaedy, “is that there is value beyond the primary ICP. It's a lot easier for us to close if the company size is within 200 to 5000 employees with the correct tech stack in place.”
  • Monte Carlo used LinkedIn Sponsored Content to reach their target audience and guide them through the funnel. “We're serving middle-of-funnel, and then slowly pushing them to bottom-of-funnel with demo request ads,” said Barth. 
  • One of the most astonishing results Monte Carlo saw from this partnership was the speed at which lead conversions turned into identified opportunities. Monte Carlo was seeing this transition take place in as little as 10 days. 
  • Insights gained through leveraging Metadata with LinkedIn helped Monte Carlo discover an area of high interest within their ICP. Their marketing immediately shared assets that capitalized on the trend. 
  • One of the opportunities created by that campaign was a target account that the sales team had been trying to reach for a year.
  • Monte Carlo discovered a significant advantage in having social, marketing, and data analytics all under one roof with LinkedIn. Through elevating their CEO as an industry thought leader and using that voice in their marketing, Monte Carlo has been able to organically form more authentic business relationships.
  • Junaedy has seen how the social side of LinkedIn fosters deep connections. “Because connecting on LinkedIn is an organic moment, we have been able to make a number of connections with folks in the industry. We even open opportunities from those organic interactions.”
  • Barth recommends creating that same authentic feel across LinkedIn Ads. “Consistency with your audience really is key, you’ve got to make sure that you're continually optimizing what really resonates on the organic side and replicate that in paid.”
INDUSTRY: Technology
HQ LOCATION: San Francisco, USA
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Alysa Barth
Digital Marketing Manager
Monte Carlo