• As its name suggests, Automation Anywhere offers an intelligent automation platform using software bots that work side by side with people to handle much of the manual repetitive work in many industries, freeing up employees to focus on work that really matters and claim their work/life balance.

  • With different uses for their platform, the marketing team places storytelling at the core of its strategy, to illustrate the many ways that automation can help organizations manage and scale business processes faster.

  • With one of the biggest product launches in company history approaching, Automation Anywhere saw a perfect opportunity to leverage the new LinkedIn Live broadcasting tool for the announcement. The challenge: How can we maximize awareness at this critical moment?


  • Automation Anywhere has an existing base of more than 100,000 engaged LinkedIn followers, thanks to their persistent focus on developing community. The LinkedIn Page’s strong engagement rate of over 6% reflects the resonance of their storytelling techniques.

  • To prepare for their LinkedIn Live broadcast, Automation Anywhere leveraged paid ads to generate awareness and ran a quick video test for functionality. “It was purely a technical exercise. But within two minutes we had more than 300 comments, and that really took us by surprise,” says Julian Foster, Global Head of Paid Social Media.

  • This helped inspire Foster and his team with confidence they were on the right track. “But despite our tests and our previous learnings, nothing could prepare us for what was going to happen,” he says.


  • When the big day arrived, and Automation Anywhere launched its LinkedIn Live broadcast, the response was immediate and immense.

  • “When the live broadcast started, within just a few minutes, we had about 400 positive comments,” Foster recalls. “Then by the end of the hour-long presentation we had one thousand comments.”

  • Most importantly, the engagement Automation Anywhere saw was meaningful and substantive. “I was with the team in the campaign control room, and they couldn’t believe the quality of the conversations we were having with viewers,” he says.

Emphasizing genuine engagement:

  • Creating two-way dialogues with the audience was essential to this campaign, so Automation Anywhere made sure to have a team of product experts on hand, ready to engage with followers and answer questions during the broadcast. This proved vital since many of the inquiries were technical in nature.

  • “This wasn’t about just pumping out a message,” Foster asserts. “We wanted to have quality engagement with our followers.”

Supporting organic with paid:

  • Automation Anywhere strikes an excellent balance with organic and paid with its LinkedIn strategy, which fed into the success of the company’s foray into live video.

  • “Our pre-event objective was to increase our following on LinkedIn with relevant followers,” Foster says of the paid element. “And to do that, we ran paid social and re-targeted website visitors.”

Extensibility of video content:

  • Another major benefit of the company’s stellar LinkedIn Live broadcast is that they’ve been able to get extra mileage out of it through repurposing.

  • “We’ve generated thousands of leads by using the clips from the LinkedIn Live video, to draw people into the message,” Foster says.

About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is the leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the platform on which more organizations build world-class intelligent Digital Workforces than any other. The Automation Anywhere enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side by side with people to do much of the repetitive work in many industries

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