• While Mercedes-Benz is known for producing the highest quality luxury vehicles, it is a common misconception that Mercedes-Benz only makes vehicles for the ultra-affluent.
  • The launch of the first-ever Mercedes-Benz GLB, a three-row SUV at an accessible cost for young families, presented an opportunity and challenge to reach a more mass-market audience outside Mercedes-Benz’s traditional demographic without diluting the brand’s prestige.


  • The Mercedes-Benz marketing team, along with media agency Merkley + Partners, understood the need to meet their consumers wherever they are online.
  • Together, the Mercedes-Benz team identified LinkedIn as a platform for upwardly mobile professionals while providing a premium, brand-safe, and highly engaged environment fitting for the Mercedes-Benz brand.


  • The Mercedes-Benz team was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did the campaign achieve top-of-funnel awareness objectives, but it also drove mid-funnel and bottom-funnel results.
  • The quality of Mercedes-Benz’s creative paired with the quality of LinkedIn’s audience yielded a relevant, engaging campaign that exceeded expectations.
  • Mercedes-Benz CPCs were 35% more efficient than similar advertisers.
  • Over 80% of clicks came from members with senior+ job titles.
  • Top engagement came from “Owner,” “CEO,” and “Founder” job titles.

Why it worked:

  • Content was bright, colorful, and stood out against LinkedIn’s light-colored background.
  • Attractive vehicle features such as third-row seating and a panoramic moonroof appealed to the target audience.


In 2019, Mercedes-Benz was recognized as the most valuable luxury automotive brand, further reinforcing its brand promise: the best or nothing.

INDUSTRY: Transportation (or Automotive)
HQ LOCATION: Stuttgart, Germany
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Jordan Lalor
Jordan Lalor
Senior Social Media Lead
Mercedes-Benz USA