CleverTap has been a retention auxiliary for its clients, but wanted to establish thought leadership amongst its wider community & create a robust pipeline of prospects. To achieve this and stand out as a leader, they had to:

  • Discover their learning curve to grow from the stature of a start-up to an industry thought leader
  • Establish brand awareness across key regions and unlock access to new audiences
  • Target the right, intended audience to create a pipeline of SQLs for the company
  • Leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to get maximum organic reach
  • Nurture leads from LinkedIn and enable conversions from SQLs to opportunities
  • Possesses relevant pool of professionals for all industries across the globe
  • Useful platform to engage audiences like a market leader
  • Encourages strategic ways to organically grow brand followership
  • Most importantly, facilitates the interaction of employees with content from their organisations on LinkedIn, making them advocates for the organisation

Orchestrating organic growth
CleverTap understands the marketing funnel on social media. On the back of that knowledge, they started from the top of the funnel - spreading awareness about the brand and its unique selling points. Their pro tip was to ensure content consistency to engage audience regularly. This helped Clever Tap achieve incredible growth in loyal audience followership, organically.

The journey from MQL to SQL

The journey from MQL to SQL
For the next step in the conversation, CleverTap opted for a multi-product strategy leveraging various LinkedIn ad formats like Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Dynamic Ads. To stay ahead of the competition, CleverTap actively experimented with new LinkedIn features and marketing best practices like Matched Audiences, Carousel ads and Video based ads. With the help of LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature they reached out to a larger pool of professionals that resembled their ‘ideal customer.' Context and relevancy of conversations was ensured by remarketing to the audience that had already visited their websites, or engaged with their previous campaigns. Audience that visited bottom-of-the-funnel pages like pricing page, demo page etc were also remarketed with relevant campaigns. To the lead gen forms they added a field for demo conversions. The result was warmer leads and better conversions, thus, a pipeline of SQLs for the company. They leveraged InMails to nurture leads on the same platform where they entered the funnel. This helped convert quality leads into opportunities and further into customers

Adding power to campaigns
Ensuring content relevancy is crucial for any marketing strategy. CleverTap achieved it by leveraging LinkedIn Insights Tag to optimize campaigns, retarget website visitors, and to learn about the intent and interest level of their audience. Clever Tap also championed the usage of industry-relevant hashtags to reach out to a broader audience and create its position as a prominent contributor to trending industry hashtags. They segmented markets as Priority 1, 2 and 3 and delivered customized content across these markets with the help of multi-faceted targeting features on LinkedIn.

  • 25-30% MoM organic growth in number of followers
  • 36% increase in the number of unique visitors
  • 4.9 Mn unique members reached in 1 year
  • 60% open rate of LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns
  • 2X CTR compared to LinkedIn benchmark
  • 3X engagement rate vis-a-vis LinkedIn benchmark
  • Over 5000 leads from LinkedIn in 1 year
  • Won 15+ customer deals via LinkedIn


Founded in 2013, CleverTap is the leading customer engagement and retention platform that helps brands maximize user lifetime value. Consumer brands around the world representing over 8,000 apps - including Vodafone, Star, Sony, Discovery, Fandango LATAM, Carousell, and Gojek - trust CleverTap to help them improve user engagement and retention thereby growing long term revenue. 

CleverTap is backed by leading venture capital firms including Sequoia India, Tiger Global Management, Accel, and Recruit Holdings, and operates out of San Francisco, Seattle, London, Singapore, and Mumbai.

INDUSTRY: Technology
Number of Employees: 280
HQ LOCATION: Mountain View, California
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Pooja Sriram
Pooja Sriram
Head of Social Media