CloudThat is a global frontrunner in cloud computing training and consulting for midsize to large enterprises. It aims to deliver global services on Cloud Engineering, Cloud Training and Cloud Expert Line, with its expertise in major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

CloudThat partnered with Integrately – an integration platform that helps marketers connect their preferred apps with thousands of others in just 1-click – to optimise the results of their LinkedIn Lead Gen campaigns. This partnership allowed CloudThat to accurately reach its target professional audience using LinkedIn's advanced targeting tools and minimize lead drop-offs through Integrately’s automation.

Before partnering with Integrately, CloudThat faced a few challenges in engaging their leads from LinkedIn campaigns:

  • Manually downloading leads was time-consuming
  • Delayed lead syncing with the CRM team
  • Lead drop-off due to friction in the funnel
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CloudThat opted for a software solution that allowed for:

  • Easy automation set-up to transfer leads to their CRM team
  • Seamless funnel event sign-ups and varied leads to multiple online event channels
  • Round-the-clock support team to help optimize automations

With Integrately, CloudThat was able to capture leads directly from LinkedIn into their CRM, reducing friction in the sales funnel

Lead outreach time was reduced by 320% due to faster availability of leads for the sales team

LinkedIn enabled CloudThat with the specific type of targeting they needed on job location and job title leading to efficient budget utilization, thereby allowing CloudThat to increase their campaign budgets with an eye on performance

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