By leveraging Document Ads to drive bottom-of-funnel results, Dassault Systèmes experienced the following performance lifts when compared to promoting long-form content via Single Image Ads.

  • 2x higher Lead Gen Form completion rate
  • 25% lower CPL
  • 5x higher engagement rate
  • When analyzing the demographics of leads, Document Ads generated 38% higher quality leads vs. Single Image Ads
  • Software company Dassault Systèmes offers a variety of industry-leading software solutions for design, engineering, simulation, collaboration and manufacturing. Keeping the customer at the heart of their marketing campaigns, their goal is to create early sales connection points in the buyer's journey to generate high-quality leads that their team can subsequently nurture for future opportunities.
  • The way they do this is with ebooks, reports, whitepapers and more. However, the promotion of these long-form content via Single Image Ad campaigns was making it difficult to measure document-specific performance data.

Driving high-quality, cost-efficient leads at scale:

  • Dassault Systèmes introduced Document Ads into their full-funnel nurture strategy, which allowed them to promote gated long-form content directly on LinkedIn. Key prospects were now not only able to download documents directly on LinkedIn, they could also preview document pages prior to exchanging their information for full access to Dassault Systèmes’ resources.
  • Document Ads offered a new, interactive touchpoint that accelerated interest with target audiences down the funnel. By keeping members on the platform and sharing a “sneak peek” of ebooks, they were able to double their Lead Gen Form completion rates at a 25% lower CPL and drive 5x higher engagement rates when compared to Single Image Ad campaigns promoting the same ebook. Additionally, by providing members with flexible options to consume documents and sharing preview pages prior to asking prospects to exchange their information, Dassault Systèmes drove higher-intent and higher-quality leads with their Document Ads campaigns.

Engaging key decision makers at scale

  • For Dassault Systèmes, the value of LinkedIn wasn’t just measured in the quantity of leads, but more importantly in the quality and ability to nurture these leads throughout their journey on the platform.
  • LinkedIn’s precise targeting ability allowed them to hyper-target customers their business needed to drive long-term lifetime value. By using the skills and industry targeting filters, they were able to reach key business decision makers across Engineering at scale, with LinkedIn driving the highest quality leads for their business when compared to other platforms.