• In 2020, Deloitte published their annual Readiness Report. Timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos, this report would be competing for attention in a large crowd of thought leadership, insights, and analysis.
  • Deloitte wanted new ways to break through the noise and forge deeper connections between their thought leaders and a highly engaged professional audience.


  • In a first for the company, Deloitte turned to LinkedIn Live to share the findings of the Readiness Report.
  • With LinkedIn Live, Deloitte created an inclusive and bespoke experience that connected their thought leaders with a global audience of eager professionals, igniting a meaningful, two-way conversation in real-time.


  • Received very high-quality feedback and engagement in live stream.
  • Repurposed video footage from livestream as assets to further promote the Readiness Report.
  • Engaged new audiences with snackable content built from the live stream post-event.

Looking forward:

  • Building on the success of this initial experiment, Deloitte plans to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Live for sparking conversation around other reports and events as well as launching content that is not directly tied to events.
  • With the goal of making LinkedIn Live a widely used tool across the company, Deloitte is creating internal best practices for how, when, and where to use live streaming.


One of the “big four” professional services companies, Deloitte has 175 years of experience helping businesses and governments navigate risk, solve complex problems, and reach ambitious goals.

INDUSTRY: Management Consulting
NO. OF EMPLOYEES:  312,000+
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Meredith Gonsalves
Meredith Gonsalves
Global Manager
Digital and Social Strategy