• Use learnings from previous event campaigns to create high-conversion marketing for Dynatrace’s flagship conference, Perform.
  • Increase awareness of and registrations for the conference within key target audiences.
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Dynatrace’s marketing team approached their Perform 2023 LinkedIn campaign with a data-first mindset. They analyzed the results from previous LinkedIn campaigns promoting corporate events and applied their learnings to this campaign, by:

  • Using an account-based approach that targeted key organizations using sponsored content and sponsored messaging
  • Leveraging the precise LinkedIn targeting capabilities to reach the right audience
  • Enticing the audience with high-profile keynote speakers
  • 10k+ registrations 
  • 51% more registrations than their paid social goal 
  • 41% lower cost-per-lead year over year

Compared to other marketing channels, LinkedIn enables Dynatrace to:

  • Target key accounts with specific ads
  • Run account-based marketing campaigns at scale
  • Generate brand awareness and capture demand
Nathan Corliss