•  Expensya’s demand generation team has the dual objective of generating high-quality leads in the short term to fill its sales pipeline while nurturing future prospects for the long term. This is necessary because of specific sales cycles, especially when converting mid-market and enterprise customers. 
  • At the same time, the team is supporting Expensya’s international growth plans and expanding its reach beyond its home market of France and into new European markets like Spain and Germany. 


The Expensya team developed a two-pronged approach on LinkedIn: 

  • To create demand for the future, they nurture a wide audience using premium content such as e-books and infographics. This produces a large volume of cold leads for long-term nurturing.
  • To capture demand at present, they target high-intent senior decision-makers with acquisition messages. Because this is more targeted, Lead Gen Form completion rates tend to be 2X higher compared to cold leads.

Success Factors

Expensya credits its marketing success on LinkedIn to four key factors: