• EY was able to produce content for LinkedIn Document Ads at a significantly faster pace. “We’re seeing a 10x faster speed-to-market with Document Ads because we’re leveraging existing thought leadership and employer brand content, ” Doyle says.
  • These time savings translated to cost savings, cutting the cost-per-follow in half. “We use Document Ads for more than just follower growth, but this unexpected metric is a fantastic learning for us to take into our new fiscal year."
  • Document Ads drove higher engagement for EY on LinkedIn. Doyle shares how this new ad format accelerated what would become their biggest campaign of the year: “We used Document Ads to promote our corporate responsibility report. The ease of A/B testing let us really refine this campaign.”
  • While this campaign was primarily focused on increasing brand awareness, EY was pleased to also see an uptick in conversion rates.
  • 50% improvement in cost-per-follow

LinkedIn Document Ads

  • EY found the right fit with LinkedIn Document Ads. This unique ad format afforded EY the opportunity to reach external customers to build top-of-funnel brand awareness as well as educate internal stakeholders about the value of LinkedIn marketing.
  • The A/B testing in Document Ads created an effective sandbox for crafting themes across all ad formats. “Document Ads allowed us to more effectively A/B test with the title cards,” Shares Nikki Altman, Social Media Specialist at EY. “We found that changing the title card allowed us to gain insight into how those nuances impact consumer perception.”
  • Dylan Doyle, Assistant Director, Social Media at EY shares, “Repetition drives strong  brand recall and favourability. My advice: remember what makes your brand strong and bring those elements into this exciting new format.”


Removing barriers and building credibility

  • Altman credits Document Ads with removing barriers that historically slowed conversions.“We wondered what would happen if we took a larger report, and – rather than making people click through to our website to read it – reduced the barriers so they could access our insights more directly,” she says.
  • Altman also shares this bit of learned wisdom from their initial experience with LinkedIn Document Ads. “We started taking content that wasn’t already a PDF and converting it for usage in Document Ads. Now we don’t limit our imagination based on format – you can turn anything into a Document Ad if you think people would enjoy viewing it on LinkedIn.”

Winning with a multi-format strategy

  • By rolling Document Ads into their multiformat LinkedIn ad strategy, EY was able to gain buy-in for future advertising opportunities from stakeholders. EY found inspiration for this strategy in LinkedIn Marketer Purna Virji’s Hum, Sing, Shout approach to designing scalable and sustainable always-on marketing content. “We previously had a focus on the “hum”, but when we implemented this new approach with Document Ads, we gained the budget to really start singing and shouting."
  • Altman adds: “A lot of our service line and sector teams are seeing the value of always- on campaigns. This gives us a big opportunity to go big opportunity to focus on the full funnel, testing a mix of. different LinkedIn ad formats to really learn what works best for each context. From there we can build a matrix that shows the optimal path to success with LinkedIn Ads based on known variables.”