• Firebolt operates in a space dominated by big brands like Google, Amazon and Snowflake.
  • As a young challenger brand, it has lower brand awareness in key markets like USA and UK. Its unique product build was also not clearly understood by its audiences, making it harder for Firebolt to convince prospects of its value proposition.
  • It had to drive high-intent leads that fit its specific Ideal Customer Profile on a modest marketing budget but its lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn produced less-than-ideal results, with only 2% of leads converting into qualified sales meetings.


  • Firebolt invested in a brand-to-demand strategy on LinkedIn, creating top- and mid-funnel branding content to raise awareness and deepen product knowledge among its audiences.
  • With limited resources, Firebolt focused on showcasing its brand personality in the form of its agile start-up culture, team of highly-engaged employees, and tons of creativity.
  • It used an always-on strategy and integrated organic and paid approach on LinkedIn to earn quality engagement among its followers and target audience.
  • Even though lead quantity decreased due to reduced bottom-funnel activity, the number of qualified sales meetings jumped 6x — from a 2% conversion rate to 12% in just four months.

   Success Factors

  • Organisation-wide agreement to take a long-term view of ROI as a brand-to-demand strategy would result in fewer leads but higher quality ones that would have a greater impact on business results.
  • The creativity to turn its startup culture into a unique brand personality that consistently shines through in all its creatives.
  • A highly motivated team with a can-do attitude that makes the best use of limited resources.