• As a technology company that helps travel brands uncover new efficiencies through automation, APIs, and other tools, Gimmonix markets to various types of businesses within the vertical: travel management companies, online travel agencies, hotel distributors, hotel suppliers, and so forth.

  • The lack of uniformity in nomenclature presents some barriers when it comes to targeting, according to Digital Marketing Manager Osiris Wednesday. “Even within the industry, different companies define things differently, which is one of the challenges in marketing to them. Everyone uses a different terminology.”


  • Gimmonix’s marketing strategy focuses on two primary objectives: brand awareness and lead generation. To pursue them, the team turned to LinkedIn and its newly reconfigured objective-based advertising (OBA) experience.

  • For creating awareness, Gimmonix shares a steady stream of organic content relevant to its audience. For leads, they run videos and other Sponsored Content speaking to distinct segments of their audience, such as the C-suite or enterprise prospects.


  • Running targeted ads on LinkedIn has delivered starkly higher lead quality in comparison with other platforms, according to Wednesday, who reports that conversions increased by about 30% in their first two months running objective-based campaigns, while cost-per-lead dropped by about 25% in the same span.

  • “Generally speaking, LinkedIn has provided us with leads that are far more qualified,” he says. “That is to say, for every 100 leads on LinkedIn, half are SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). On other platforms, for every 100 leads, less than 5% are SQLs.”

Keying in on objectives:

  • Wednesday has always found the Campaign Manager experience in LinkedIn to be intuitive and user-friendly, but says the new OBA setup has been a big time-saver, while enabling him to deliver more seamlessly upon company goals.

  • “When I sit and I’m talking to the Marketing Director or someone and they want something specific, it’s easier to deliver on what is important to them, which makes my life easier as a marketer.”

A full view of metrics:

  • One thing that Gimmonix has found especially helpful when marketing on LinkedIn is the depth and ease of reporting. Wednesday keeps a close eye on performance metrics like Cost Per Conversion and Click-through Rate to ensure programs are staying on track.

  • He says he also dives deep into video engagement metrics, which helps inform their future creative efforts. For example, how long people are watching? What’s the optimal video length for compelling a completed view? What’s the correlation between video completion and conversions?

Finding organic traction:

  • Another thing Wednesday appreciates about LinkedIn is the way organic and paid efforts complement one another. “In other platforms, you have to pay for your audience to see anything, and that’s a growing trend that LinkedIn is kind of defying in a really positive way,” he says.

  • “LinkedIn content is indexed on Google, which is a massive boost to SEO,” he adds. “That helps us rank at the top for travel technology.”

About Gimmonix

Gimmonix is a technology company that helps travel businesses increase their revenue and boost efficiency through automated mapping technology, API connectivity, and profit optimization tools. Gimmonix pushes the limits of technology to help travel businesses minimize waste and maximize performance with its cutting-edge, cloud-based products.

Founded in 2010, Gimmonix released its flagship product Travolutionary. As an aggregation platform now integrated to over 150 suppliers across the industry, it enables distributors to connect to all their supply through one tool.

Identifying the tremendous problems caused by lack of hotel code standardization and poor mapping, Gimmonix developed Mapping.Works - Hotels. As the only fully automated hotel mapping software, it maps hotel inventory at an industry leading rate of 98.7% coverage with 99.999% accuracy. With over 20 million hotel records collected and thousands added monthly, it uses 74 different processes, rules, and AI methods to compare and map millions of records daily.

In 2017, Mapping.Works - Hotels began establishing itself as a leader in the industry as it became the exclusive mapping provider for major industry players, including Expedia (EAN) and GTA. Most recently, Gimmonix released its room mapping technology, Mapping.Works - Rooms, which not only organizes varying room names and enables accurate room comparisons, but also empowers travel companies to create an enhanced and more personalized user experience for their customers.

Gimmonix also offers business intelligence tool, BI.Works, and reservation optimization tool, Reservation.Works. Both services help clients cut costs and increase net profit by utilizing advanced AI to analyze aggregated data, identify trends, and optimize reservation flows. The Gimmonix team looks forward to consulting and working with you on questions and ideas.

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NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 51-200 employees
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Osiris Wednesday
Osiris Wednesday
Digital Marketing Manager