Utah-based software developer InMoment wanted to maximize the impact of its account-based marketing (ABM) strategy on LinkedIn.

Even though InMoment had been using LinkedIn Ads for some time, they knew they could make better use of the platform’s robust ad targeting capabilities. Jordan Vardell, Director of Demand Generation at InMoment, shares, “LinkedIn has always been a part of our strategy at InMoment. That being said, our previous strategy was focused on hoping we were finding people in the buying cycle.”

Vardell knew they had the data to move beyond hoping, and developed an aspirational ABM strategy. Starting with a basic awareness-building campaign, he wanted to create multiple smaller campaigns targeted at clearly defined vertices. InMoment sought a solution to help them more precisely target accounts fitting those parameters.

After implementing various ABM strategies on their own over the past couple of years, InMoment was looking for inspiration and innovation to take their targeting strategy to the next level.

LinkedIn Marketing Partner Terminus offered the expertise in ABM data analytics that InMoment needed. With the enhanced LinkedIn ads integration through Terminus, InMoment could target larger lists of companies, providing the flexibility to right-size their ABM campaigns across all LinkedIn ad types.

 With this partnership in place, the marketing team at InMoment was able to meet Vardell’s vision. “We started our ABM journey about two years ago, then brought Terminus into the mix one year ago to help with our display advertising targeting and matched audience building,” he explains. “We’ve moved into a couple of different campaign structures that my team likes to call ‘Jordan’s Mind Maps’ where we have multiple smaller campaigns targeting the audiences that we are winning with the most.”

The partnership with Terminus allowed InMoment to get innovative with data. “Over the past 12 months,” says Vardell, “we have coupled Terminus target accounts and intent data, then integrated those lists into LinkedIn. We discovered that those weekly list updates help us zero in on what we feel could be a good target audience. We then provide that information to our content and product teams to create assets and solutions based on those targets.”

InMoment has experienced a surge in the volume and quality of ABM campaigns they run. “I would say we are in the transition of walk-to- run,” Vardell says. “We have a long way to go, but we’ve learned a lot and have been able to really start leveraging those learnings into some powerful, high-performing campaigns”

With data from Terminus feeding into their LinkedIn Campaign Manager, InMoment has been able to develop, deploy, and track unique campaign concepts. Vardell offers insight into how this partnership has worked for InMoment: “Over the past six months we have been working with our LinkedIn account team to build better optimizations and additional down-funnel campaigns. One of those campaigns has been through Conversation Ads. Being able to add an InMail item to a very targeted list has provided us with a new opportunity to engage with not only our buyer but also the entire buyer’s committee for our product. The LinkedIn account team has helped us get out of our own way in order to find new solutions to creating demand for InMoment.”

By working with ABM data experts like Terminus to optimize efforts in LinkedIn Campaign Manager across all ad types, InMoment is on an accelerated path to success.

“ABM means a lot of different things – define what it means to you and then to your organization,” Vardell advises. “Be creative in what you are trying to do, but keep it simple. Building off of your successes is a lot easier than making a complex program from the beginning and never being able to see the results.”

Vardell and InMoment recognize that Terminus and LinkedIn are not simply services – they’re partners. “Leverage your partners,” he urges. “I talk with our Terminus team weekly via email and in our bi-weekly calls for feedback. We’re in contact with our LinkedIn account managers on a bi-weekly basis. I know what my business needs from me, but I also know my focus is spread across multiple projects. Leveraging your partners helps with that focus and can take some of the burden off your plate.”

  • 23% of pipeline influenced by LinkedIn + Terminus campaigns
  • 21% of target accounts engaged by LinkedIn + Terminus campaigns
  • 131% increase in Clicks QoQ (no change in budget)