A proven roadmap

Even though Innodisk’s ultimate objective is bottom-of-funnel lead generation, it starts nurturing audiences at the top of the funnel:

  1. Brand awareness: Targeting is purposefully kept broad and audiences are served a variety of Sponsored Content that showcases its thought leadership.
  2. Consideration & Engagement: Drawing insights from LinkedIn’s Campaign Demographics, it hones in on segments that are responding well and serves them mid-funnel content that directs them to its website.
  3. Conversion: With the LinkedIn Insight Tag installed, Innodisk identifies audiences with the highest conversion intent and retargets them with bottom-funnel ads designed to drive action.
Innodisk Funnel


Innodisk’s first full-funnel campaign on LinkedIn produced 143% increase in website visitors and 88% new visitor traffic.

The company now runs two such campaigns every year, using campaign insights and key learnings from each experience to bolster the next.


Innodisk Corporation is a service-driven provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial and aerospace industries. With a dedication to Absolute Service™ and a commitment to quality, customisation, and innovation, Innodisk provides its customers and business partners with the finest industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies.

Industry: Computer Hardware
Number of Employees: 501 - 1,000
HQ Location: Taipei, Taiwan
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Erica Chang
Erica Chang
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist,
Innodisk Corporation