The campaign blueprint

IP is an essential tool that is fundamental to business and economic growth given its impact on technologies, brands, design and protection. This means that it serves an extremely diverse audience, from individual creators to organisations of all sizes, across all industries.

This audience is not only demographically different but are at different stages of IP development and harnessing IP for growth. Smaller companies may not be aware of the intangible assets they own while larger enterprises may regard IP as a legal or technical issue, rather than a driver of business growth that can fortify its competitive advantage.

For this reason, IPOS decided to adopt a full-funnel event marketing strategy on LinkedIn. For top-of-funnel audiences, it focused on building awareness around the event, its value propositions and the relevance of IP for future growth; for bottom-of-funnel prospects, it doubled down on driving conversions in the form of event registrations. Clearly, the success of this strategy hinged on the team’s ability to tailor-and accurately serve-compelling content to specific audience segments.

“Our creative idea was to use many small but smartly-placed stories to speak directly to each of our audience segments. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions matched our needs perfectly, enabling us to reach our desired audience with no wastage at all,” said Jason Cheang, Head of Digital, Asia Pacific & Japan, Metia Group, who was tasked to lead the campaign for IPOS from March to August 2019.

Target, track, optimise

In a data-driven approach to audience definition and segmentation, Metia used its proprietary advanced micro-profiling techniques to study the psychographics and pain points of its audience. These insights were then brought to life with LinkedIn’s precise targeting capabilities and robust first-party data in order to create custom audience segments for the campaign. 

Content was served to them using a mix of single image, carousel and video ads. These carried a strong call-to-action to learn more at the IP Week @ SG 2019 website. There, the LinkedIn Insight Tag had been installed to unlock greater insights into visitor behaviour while tracking conversions. This enabled the team to identify warm leads from website visitors and retarget them on LinkedIn for further nurturing. LinkedIn’s lookalike audience feature was also deployed at this stage to expand the campaign’s reach to similar new prospects. 

Metia was also constantly testing and optimising the campaign using the wealth of performance insights that LinkedIn provides. This ensured that resources were directed to better-performing ad streams. The team ran different combinations of audience segments, creatives and copy using small daily budgets and a frequency cap to maintain cost effectiveness and prevent campaign fatigue. 

By the end of this well-engineered campaign, the team had exceeded its target KPIs on LinkedIn, yielding IPOS an impressive 70:1 marketing ROI.

Results by objectives:

Building awareness
115,700+ impressions
2,800+ clicks

Driving conversions

3.5x more conversions than target
70:1 marketing ROI on LinkedIn


As an innovation agency, IPOS drives Singapore’s future economy with its IP expertise and networks and fosters a conducive innovation ecosystem through constant review of regulatory frameworks and enterprise-centric schemes.

Industry: Government Administration
Number of Employees: 201-500
HQ Location: Singapore
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