• 515,212 document views in one month
  • 75% lower bounce rate
  • 6.44% Engagement Rate
  • Members exposed to Document Ads prior to seeing another Sponsored Content campaign were 2.3X more likely to click through.


  • LSEG’s main marketing objective is to generate high-quality leads. Converting key prospects requires strong top-of-funnel campaigns to nurture audiences before conducting business with them. LSEG needed to integrate new, interactive touch points into their nurture strategy to educate & engage the Finance industry of their differentiated products & services offerings to convert key decision makers at scale.

  • While LSEG has a vast content library of PDFs, white papers, articles and value-added resources, they were unable to fully maximize document views & downloads as they could only drive traffic using Single Image, Video & Carousel ad formats to off-platform landing pages for downloads. Once PDFs are downloaded, LSEG is unable to track the percentage of document read, which is essential to understanding audience engagement with their content.


Accelerating interest down the funnel

  • LSEG integrated Document Ads throughout their LinkedIn marketing strategy, allowing key audiences to read and download both ungated and gated PDFs directly in their LinkedIn feed. By keeping members in-platform, they were able to lower their bounce rate by 75% and drive 515,212 completed document views in just one month. 
  • Document Ads introduced a more enticing, edge-to-edge reading experience that, in conjunction with other products, helped nurture key audiences down the funnel. The team found success in leveraging documents to share their company story since unlike Video Ads, with documents, a member can choose to read content in real-time or download the PDF to consume later.  By freely sharing PDF’s, prospects could familiarize themselves with the value of LSEG’s products and services making it easier to convert them into leads in future campaigns. In fact, members who saw a Document Ad first were 2.3X more likely to click through Sponsored Content campaigns.
  • Furthermore, ROI has become increasingly important to justify marketing efforts and inform campaign strategy. LinkedIn’s Document Ads provided more in-depth reporting that allowed LSEG to better track key performance indicators such as the percent of people who viewed and completed reading a document. This measurement allows LSEG to create more content that aligns to their audience’s needs, ultimately adding value to them.

Engaging Finance Decision Makers at scale

  • LinkedIn's audience and targeting capabilities were ideally suited to LSEG’s target audience of Finance Decision Makers. By using LinkedIn's titles, function, seniority, and company filters, LSEG could reach these decision makers at scale. 
  • This combination of audience and mindset delivered supercharged results for the LSEG's campaigns on LinkedIn. The engagement rate of 6.44% was higher than any other format used in the campaign, and far exceeded benchmarks on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also drove the highest completion rates in terms of viewers consuming the total document.