• is an Enterprise AI® AI-as-a-Service provider that launched three years ago, helping customers recover lost sales, reduce working capital, cut maintenance costs and gain overall operating efficiencies. Underlying all of this is a not-so-secret-plan to create a world without waste using AI.

  • was ranked a Top 50 US Startup by LinkedIn in 2018 and deemed a Gartner Cool Vendor for Artificial Intelligence Across the Supply Chain in 2019.

  • Since primarily targets C-level executives at very large companies as prospects, building awareness and traction with this hard-to-reach audience is a top priority.


In 2018 completed a Series B funding round with investment from Dell Technologies Capital and increased funding from TPG Capital. This allowed them to scale up their marketing team and initiatives for rapid growth. The expanded team then worked to incorporate LinkedIn's sales and marketing solutions into their overall marketing efforts as a strategic partner, helping reach the elusive supply chain and manufacturing audiences.


Before long, LinkedIn became an integral source of qualified pipeline for Leads from the platform tripled. “Right now, we look to LinkedIn for about 40% of our marketing qualified leads,” Steve Moskovitz says.

Always Be Optimizing:

  • One key element of a LinkedIn strategy that delivers is paying close attention to analytics and continually making tweaks based on performance. Commitment to this mindset has helped realize outstanding ROI on their LinkedIn efforts.

  • According to Leslie Poston, the LinkedIn audience response to specific pieces of content is helpful in planning future content specifically designed for executives looking to understand more about Enterprise AI®.

Mix and Match:

  • now finds LinkedIn to be a more cost-efficient lead generation channel than event marketing, which had previously been the company’s main source. This is a good example of an instance where two tactics can work together cohesively.

  • “I can say one of the deals that's going through the pipe that could be our largest in company history, potentially, is from LinkedIn,” says Steve Moskovitz. “The prospect requested more information and we were going to be at the same event, so we were able to set up time there. Without LinkedIn, we would have just been hoping that they would come by the booth.”

  •  Noodle also maintains tight cohesion between its organic and paid content by eliminating silos and ensuring the marketing, sales, and product teams are in sync. “We have all-hands company meetings fairly frequently to make sure that everyone's aligned on messaging,” says Leslie Poston. “We also have industry-based meetings and product-based meetings where we're constantly ensuring that we're supporting each other to reach a shared goal.”

A Deeper Impact:

  • states that its mission is “to create a world without waste.” The efficiency and sustainability made possible by their solutions help large corporations reduce CO2 emissions, material waste, power consumption, and more.

  • This message of decreasing environmental impact is an important one. At LinkedIn, we’re proud to help companies like connect with influential executives that can make a difference.

  • Visit to learn more about the company and their Enterprise AI® applications and platform.


About is your source for Enterprise AI®. We’re on a mission to create a world without waste. We believe in AI for radical efficiency and extraordinary good. We push the limits of data science to give business leaders a view into the past and future, so that they can stop wasting time and resources now, helping you plan, make, and move goods and resources for manufacturers and complex supply chains.

Founded in 2016 and ranked #1 B2B Startup by LinkedIn, is led by executives from top firms in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and management consulting.

INDUSTRY: Computer Software
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 201-500 employees
HQ LOCATION: San Francisco, California
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