• As a relatively young company established in 2020, NowToBizness needs to drive quality leads for its sales training programs.
  • It needs to engage and nurture a specific audience of experienced sales professionals with the intention of upskilling themselves.


  • NowToBizness defined its audience in many ways, using job function, member skills, years of experience, LinkedIn Groups, traits (open to education) and more to find the best performing audience.
  • It served a brand film at the top of the funnel to create awareness and offered a free training session at the bottom of the funnel, using Lead Gen Forms to capture quality leads.

   Success Factors

  1. Investing in brand: NowToBizness invested in a high production value brand film to stand out from the competition and establish credibility.

  2. Ensuring message-product fit: NowToBizness tested different targeting combinations to identify the ideal audience for its sales training offer, then offered them a valuable resource in exchange for lead information.