Driving quality leads in international markets with LinkedIn
Results 1
Results 2

Success factor 1:
Warming up cold audiences

  • Adopted an always-on approach to build awareness and nurture audiences, especially in new markets
  • Optimised their reach by rotating a variety of creatives to increase ad frequency and impressions

Success factor 2:
Targeting broadly

  • Defined audiences by job seniority and member skills
  • Expanded targeting to include Senior Individual Contributors and saw lead volume jump by 2x with no impact on lead quality

Success factor 3:
Leveraging LinkedIn insights

  • Analysed peer activity on LinkedIn through Competitor Insights
  • Identified trending topics among audiences with Topic Analyser
  • Used Content Marketing Score to assess and optimise ad performance
Audrey Deng
  • As a relatively new entrant to Asia Pacific markets, O’Reilly is actively growing the business in their priority markets of Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Taiwan.
  • Their demand generation team, based in the US, is responsible for filling the sales pipeline with high-quality leads on a modest budget.
  • For each market, O’Reilly runs campaigns with a high-value piece of content paired with other ad creatives. These are alternated to prevent ad fatigue.
  • This approach distils valuable insights on how different markets respond to the same messaging, allowing them to finetune and serve content and creatives that speaks best to each market, and at the same time laying the foundation for O’Reilly to double down on international marketing growth.