• As a fast-growing firm, Payhawk’s marketing team is responsible for driving a pipeline of high-quality leads in the key markets of the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.
  • The team’s original strategy of focusing purely on bottom-funnel conversions on LinkedIn produced Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that were too expensive because they were trying to convert ‘cold’ audiences who weren’t ready to schedule a demo or create an account.



  • Recognising that the Payhawk solution is an innovative one that audiences may not fully understand, the team shifted their focus to the top of the marketing funnel.
  • They used a content-driven strategy to raise product awareness and deepen consideration among their target audience before nurturing high-intent audiences towards conversion.
  • The team also commits to testing and optimisation, applying guidance from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team with their own learnings from extensive A/B testing to understand what resonates best with their audience.


   Success Factors

  • Payhawk’s success is built on an understanding that its brand strength varies from market to market. As a relatively new entrant to its priority markets, Payhawk recognised that it needed to invest in both brand and demand marketing for optimal results.
  • The marketing team works closely with the sales team to identify customer painpoints and challenges, using these insights to inform their content strategy.
  • This process helped them develop ‘The CFO’s Guide to Remote Working’ — one of their best-performing content pieces to date.