• To generate high-quality leads from a specific target audience of CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs of B2B IT and technology companies with 15 to 200 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • To build a strong brand and become the leader in their category


  • New to advertising on LinkedIn, Scaling Champions adopted a test-and-learn approach to understand the platform, audience behaviour and best practices.
  • Developed an always-on, integrated organic and paid marketing strategy to engage, delight and retarget audiences. This builds brand awareness while nurturing audiences for conversion.
  • Offers high-value content in the form of podcasts, webinars and whitepaper downloads. 

   Success Factors

  • Consistent, always-on marketing: Discovered that marketing through the holiday season is effective as founders and entrepreneurs tend to have more time to engage with content during this period 
  • Valuable, authentic content: Aligned with its own business philosophy of ‘value before profit’, Scaling Champions produces high-value content that is both authentic and relatable. They found that this increases engagement and makes retargeting more effective.