Cost per lead on LinkedIn -40%
  • SDA Bocconi’s channel marketing team set out to understand LinkedIn’s ability, as a marketing channel, to drive enrolments for its Masters and executive Programs.
  • It launched two pilot campaigns on LinkedIn. The Programs were pitched specifically to niche audiences, which have traditionally been hard-to-reach segments for the Business School. This made it a good litmus test for LinkedIn’s precise targeting capabilities.
  • SDA Bocconi, its media agency and the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team worked closely together to define and refine its targeting strategy.
  • By applying best practices and committing to a test-and-learn approach, SDA Bocconi drove a good volume of high-quality leads within just two months. Cost-per-lead was 40% lower than its target, which was benchmarked against other channels, and the quality of the leads was validated by its sales team.
Screenshot of an ad published by SDA Bocconi in LinkedIn
  • Ongoing campaign optimization and a test-and-learn mindset was integral to SDA Bocconi’s success on LinkedIn. Its campaigns were initially geared towards driving high-intent audiences to complete a form on its website. When this did not produce ideal results, SDA Bocconi trialled Lead Gen Forms instead and quality leads started flowing in.
  • SDA Bocconi also kept a close watch on its campaign performance data, drawing insights about ad performance, audience demographics and behavior in order to continuously refine its strategy.