• Preferred marketing channel for professionals across businesses 
  • Precise targeting abilities based on industries, role, seniority and more
  • Favoured global platform to reach and engage with employees
  • Dedicated team of account managers for constant guidance and support

SMEC’s primary objective was to increase interaction and awareness of their brand among the primary audiences, laying a solid foundation for future strategies that would contribute to further stages of the buyer journey. The team tailored specific objectives for each of their audiences: 

  • Engage and strengthen relationships with key clients and measure the progress through event participation and a targeted 2% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Generate pride and empower SMEC employees to be brand advocates. This was to be measured by engagement on the internal global social network and an increase in employee shares on LinkedIn
  • Generate wider brand awareness in the engineering and infrastructure industries
  • Track the target audience's engagement rate with campaign content, across channels including LinkedIn and local media
  • SMEC has a small marketing team in Australia, thus, limited resources in executing a global campaign
  • They had a minimal corporate campaign budget due to economic conditions
  • A significant portion of the limited budget was allocated to Sponsored Content. Using LinkedIn’s precision targeting capabilities, SMEC refined the audience segment, which in turn amplified their global reach for the 70 Years of Impact campaign within limited resources
  • With multiple avenues to deploy a rich range of content, SMEC leveraged video and single image ads to effectively craft and communicate the brand story and captivate the key audience
  • SMEC employed both organic and paid methods with proper guidance and technical support from LinkedIn, which helped them build quality engagement
  • Increased LinkedIn activity improved SMEC’s employee engagement. Employees were soon confidently interacting with their posts and sharing the content online. This turned out to be an excellent opportunity for SMEC to profile their specialists and circulate thought leadership into the market
  • Strong organic engagement on the 70 Years of Impact campaign both internally and externally
  • Employee shares during the campaign increased by 90%
  • The campaign gathered over 2 million impressions and reached over 756,000 members on LinkedIn
  • Achieved a high LinkedIn engagement rate of 5% compared to the industry benchmark of 1%
  • According to the demographic data, LinkedIn members interacting with the content included just the profile SMEC was targeting - Managing Directors/Owners; the most common industries were engineering and project management
  • 36% of the audience engaged was senior professionals
  • The 70 Years of Impact campaign won the coveted International Association of Business Communication (IABC) Gold Quill Award of Excellence in April 2020
  • The Net Promoter Score increased by 3.3%, exceeding the campaign target of a 2% increase
  • SMEC won the Most Improved Net Promoter Score at the 2020 Beaton Client Choice Awards


SMEC is a global engineering, management and development consultancy delivering technical excellence and sustainable solutions to our clients, partners and communities. Since our inception in 1970, SMEC has been delivering world-class innovative solutions on a global scale across urban development, infrastructure and management services industries. In 2016 SMEC joined the Surbana Jurong Group, one of the largest Asia-based urban and infrastructure consultancies. Our partnership has created a talent pool of 16,000 professionals working across 120 offices in more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Australasia, Africa, the UK, Middle East and the Americas.

Industry: Civil Engineering
Number of Employees: 5-500+
HQ Location: North Sydney, Australia
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Liz Shi
Liz Shi
Corporate communications
and Marketing Manager