Tableau wanted to bring IT decision makers and Data Analysts to two of its most important virtual events of the year: The Virtual IT Summit and the Data Analyst Summit.


  • Tableau leveraged LinkedIn to drive event registrations as the top platform to reach and engage with professional audiences of any seniority and title.
  • Specifically, Tableau used Sponsored Content and Conversation Ads to provide general event awareness to members in the LinkedIn feed, while sharing more information to particular audiences in their LinkedIn inbox.


  • With its multi-format approach, Tableau saw Conversation Ads drive Lead Gen Form Submission Rates over 90% on average.
  • With this success, Tableau plans to expand use of Conversation Ads, leveraging key executives in their organization to promote content, webinars, events, and bottom-of-the-funnel activities for their most important audiences.

About Tableau

Tableau is a leading global data analytics software that is used for data and business intelligence. Millions of professionals, from IT managers to Data Analysts use Tableau to uncover insights, seamlessly create visualizations, and share data with a single click.

INDUSTRY: Computer Software
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 1,001-5,000 employees
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