• Like many businesses, Talkdesk — a leading provider of enterprise cloud contact center software — wanted to improve demand gen results while maintaining efficiency.

  • In line with this directive, the marketing team set an ambitious goal: driving $10 in pipeline for every advertising dollar spent.


  • When assessing the current situation, Director of Marketing Operations Brian Adam noticed many leads were clicking through LinkedIn ads but not completing the form on the Talkdesk landing page even though the form only had five fields. The Talkdesk Marketing team decided to implement LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to enhance lead capture.

  • Lead Gen Forms prepopulate based on a member’s LinkedIn profile data, reducing the hassle of filling out numerous fields while still providing important data to marketing automation systems and giving sales team substantive information to follow up with leads.


  • Adam says that in the quarter prior to implementing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Talkdesk was generating under $6 in pipeline for every $1 of LinkedIn advertising spend. In the following quarter, with Lead Gen Forms implemented, they surpassed their lofty goal by driving almost $11 for every dollar spent.

  • This efficiency was fueled by massive quarter-over-quarter gains in key ROI metrics, such as Leads (415% increase), Conversion Rate (116% increase), Cost Per Lead (38% decrease), and Return on Advertising Spend (83% increase).

Sophisticated structures:

  • Adam also credits Talkdesk’s impressive results on LinkedIn to a more granular and nuanced targeting approach. Capitalizing on the depth of professional data available through the platform, they started to zero in on specific buyer roles and titles, aligning content with their exact personas.

  • “Talkdesk has gained tremendous traction with enterprise companies over the past year, but that comes with increasing complexity as buyer groups get larger and more diverse,” he says. “With LinkedIn, we can deliver relevant content to the right people at the right time to help them solve their unique challenges, whether it’s reducing average handle time, improving agent retention, or transforming their customer experience in the digital age,” says Adam.

  • He adds that Talkdesk has found a lot of success combining organic and paid strategies on the platform, with the latter helping them reach their direct buyer cohort with precision. “LinkedIn is one of our most important paid channels because of how we can target B2B buyers.”

Reducing friction with Lead Gen Forms:

  • Lead Gen Forms stood out as a strong solution because they helped Talkdesk overcome a paradox: How to ensure we’re collecting enough information to tailor our sales outreach, while knowing that numerous fields (especially on mobile) are damaging to conversion rates and the customer experience?

  • “Everybody hates filling out forms, but the information gathered by submissions is critical for marketing and sales teams. We’ve found that if we can deliver a high-value piece of content with a really nice easy form experience, then it’s a win for everyone,” says Adam.

Overall Impact:

  • An increased reliance on LinkedIn, and powerful tools like Lead Gen Forms and robust targeting, has dramatically sharpened Talkdesk’s marketing approach in just a short span of time.

  • “LinkedIn is one of our most important paid channels because of how we can target B2B buyers,” Adam explains.

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Brian Adam
Brian Adam
Director of Marketing Operations